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If we lived in this Bangkok condo we might actually do some exercise

The first LED sports pitch in the region

Peekaboo! Can you spot it?

We're assuming it's not possible to run off the top in a fit of sporting zeal...[/caption]

In order to stay competitive, the property developer of today needs to think about ways they can set their project apart from others and we're seeing some pretty nifty tech features making their way into new condos.

Thai developer Sansiri understands this need for novelty, and they can now claim to have a regional first in one of their new developments. ‘The Line Sukhumvit 101’ features an LED multi-sports court - a feature so cool we might actually be tempted to dredge up our running shoes just to give it a whirl.


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The pitch has lines embedded in the thick LED glass, which change at the mere touch of a button according to which sport you want to play, be it basketball, football, tennis and more.

While not the first in Asia (South Korea won that race) Sansiri’s pitch is the first in South East Asia.

In case you’re wondering – the glass is non-slip and very strong (this was the first thing we asked).

See how it works here:

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Lighting up a high-tech Phuket hideaway

Designer Ian Potter discusses the smart tech powering this exclusive island bolthole

Ian Potter

Few designers light up a place quite like Ian Potter, founder of CWL Lighting. In recent years his company has supernova’d into a star name in the hospitality industry, with a client-list that covers 14 countries and includes brands like Aman, Dusit Thani, Hilton, Intercontinental, Marriott, Pullman, and Sheraton. Potter has also become a go-to collaborator for famed interior designers such as P49, PIA, Bill Bensley, Leo Inter, and HBA.

While his forte is hotels, the UK-born designer paid his dues — and is still — illuminating the abodes of high-net-worth individuals and celebrities in Asia and further afield. Indeed, he was a major presence during the boom period of villa building in Phuket in the late 90s and the early Noughties.

He has since been enlisted to shed light on two Phuket properties owned by David Roberts, former CEO of the New York-based architecture firm Aedas.

Between 2011 and 2013, CWL and Bangkok-based architecture firm Ideal 1 collaborated on Roberts’ THB200-million (USD5.75 million) villa that sits on 8,400 square metres of prime parcel in the hills near Rawai Beach. The 1,731-square-metre structure radiates inside and out with LED external lights, in-ground uplights at all structural supports, uplit rubble walls, and even a home theatre fitted with fibre optics that evoke the night sky.

vidavi (121 of 144) - Copy

In terms of lighting, would you call David’s villa a smart home?

The fact that the whole lighting system is integrated into one control system is pretty smart. If the owner hears a crash or noise outside he can just hit buttons on his bedside control panel, turning on all the external lights and the corridor lighting as a security feature.

[pullquote]Smart living is using technology to help you perform necessary functions to make life easier — not gimmicks[/pullquote]

The fact that all of the channels are dimmable is quite intelligent too. The lights are integrated to the security system so if the system detects an intrusion it will light all perimeter lighting and various other external lights – even if nobody is at the property.

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vidavi (51 of 144) - Copy

Tell us more about the lighting scenes

There is a clock that turns on the external lighting at designated times. The lighting system calculates when it gets dark. It doesn’t come on at the same time throughout the year though, because the time of dusk changes across the year in Phuket. When it calculates the time for the lighting to come on, it runs with one lighting scene and then it fades into another lighting scene, which is usually softer.

The owner also has a handheld control in his car so that as he approaches the villa he can turn the lighting on.

vidavi (100 of 144) - Copy

What makes each villa you work on unique?

Each individual villa is custom designed; you can’t cut and paste. However, techniques may be similar. This depends on the effect we’re looking for or what the individual owners want. Some owners, especially Westerners, like lower-level lighting. They like to have quiet areas, no glare, a softer, orangey type of light — like candlelight.

Whereas if you do a property for moneyed Asians, they like it to be very bright. They’re not into intimacy and quiet spots so much.

vidavi (144 of 144) - Copy

How much has changed in terms of lighting advancements since you designed the villa?

LED light systems have developed significantly in the last three to four years. Now you’re unlikely to design with halogen or incandescent. It’s all going to be LED, whereas three or four years ago, it would be a mixture.

How would you define smart living?

Using technology to help you perform necessary functions to make life easier — not gimmicks.

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How to make the most out of your old aircraft

We all have spare planes laying around, right?

[caption id="attachment_50914" align="aligncenter" width="740"]Photo by Reuters/Steve Dipaola Bruce Campbell's airplane home cost in Portland, Oregon (Reuters/Steve Dipaola)[/caption]

A man from Portland, Oregon has become an internet sensation after he converted a retired airplane into his home.

Business Insider reports that Bruce Campbell has always dreamed of living inside a real aircraft, so he spent around USD220,000 to modify an old Boeing 727 and make it his main residence.

The plane, which Campbell acquired in 1999, is now parked in the woods in Portland. It has a living area, a kitchen, a bed space, and even a “home office” where the 65-year-old former electrical engineer can do his work.

[gallery type="rectangular" size="full" ids="50913,50911,50912,50910"]

In case you’re wondering, the airplane home has electricity and has running water like any normal, modern house, according to

The retired engineer loves living inside an aircraft so much that he is planning to buy another one for Japan, where he stays for several months a year.

Would you live in a converted airplane home?

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Asia’s real estate leaders to talk at Property Report Congress Thailand

Local and foreign experts will gather to evaluate Thailand’s commercial real estate market

[caption id="attachment_54813" align="aligncenter" width="740"]Sathorn Sathorn CBD in Bangkok[/caption]

After hosting successful real estate conferences in Manila, Ho Chi Minh City, Yangon and Kuala Lumpur, Property Report, Asia’s leading luxury real estate, architecture and design media platform, will be hosting the first-ever Property Report Congress Thailand 2016 on 22 September from 08:00 to 15:30 at the Plaza Athenee Bangkok, a Royal Meridien hotel.

Property Report Congress Thailand 2016 will feature keynote addresses and panel discussions on crucial issues that will impact Thailand’s commercial real estate segment, such as overall investor trends and key locations, retail developments, the office market, and the ever-evolving design sector.

In addition, there will be a workshop on “How to build the perfect mall” to be facilitated by Thomas Lesser, principal at Lesser Architecture, the firm behind the acclaimed EmQuartier retail development.

Conference delegates will have a chance to meet and learn from Asia’s industry leaders who are redefining the Thai property landscape. Experts from Thailand and overseas will speak at the one-day event, with the opening remarks to be given by Liam Aran Barnes, brand director and editor-in-chief of Property Report.

Respected property consultant and advisor Suphin Mechuchep, managing director of Jones Lang LaSalle Thailand, will give the Thailand market overview keynote speech.

Organised by PropertyGuru, Asia’s leading online property portal group, the Property Report Congress will be followed by the 11th Thailand Property Awards 2016 black-tie gala dinner in the evening (from 18:00 to 22:30), which will be attended by 600 of the country’s top real estate developers, executives and industry professionals.

For registration and bundle ticket packages, email conference director at or visit the official website.

The majestic MahaNakhon lights show was a hit

Monday's event celebrating the MahaNakorn's completion went off with a bang

[caption id="attachment_54393" align="aligncenter" width="960"]MahaNakon on Facebook Image credit: MahaNakon on Facebook[/caption]

Last night, all eyes were on the MahaNakhon skyscraper in Bangkok for 'MahaNakhon Bangkok Rising: The Night of Lights.'

Property Report was lucky enough to be invited to witness the event from Cloud 47 at the United Centre office tower. Official event sponsors were Citibank, BMW and Siam Commercial Bank.

Standing high at 314 metres and 77 floors, MahaNakhon is the tallest building in Bangkok, and it's unique pixelated design makes it an awe-inspiring addition to the city's skyline.

The first residents are due to start moving in throughout September. In addition to the 209 Ritz-Carlton Residences, the development will also feature a five-star Edition Hotel by Marriott International, boutique shops, several restaurants, and an observatory.

Speaking with Property Report at the event, Kipsan Beck from Pace, the developers behind MahaNakhon, said:

The form of MahaNakhon interestingly is supposed to reflect on some level the chaos and the disorder that we see in Bangkok street life. In some way, that chaos is what actually makes Thailand and Bangkok that charming. We could go to another country where everything is perfectly laid out, where everything is perfectly organized. Yet somehow the soul of the place is lost. I think when you look at MahaNakhon, you see some irregularity, you see some difference. Each of the units that are pixel-type is different from the other units. Everything is a bit irregular. Nothing is cookie-cutter. There is a value to that.

Pace released this video prior to the event:

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We also like this amateur video taken live at the event, courtesy of YouTube, shot from the ground:

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