Donald Trump's first home was just sold for much less than you'd think

But it is being put straight back up for auction

[caption id="attachment_59606" align="aligncenter" width="740"]dtrumphome 85-15 Wareham Place, Donald Trump's childhood home. Image credit: Paramount Realty USA[/caption]

We asked you in October how much Donald Trump’s first childhood home is worth. Now we have an official answer from its recent buyer.

It’s USD1.39 million.

Restaurateurs Isaac and Claudia Kestenberg, the former owners, had planned to auction the Jamaica Estates property before ultimately making the sale on 16 December. The couple originally asked USD1.65 million for the five-bedroom, Tudor-style house, which they bought for USD782,500 in 2008.

Now the mystery buyer — named only as Michael J. Davis from New York, property records show — is preparing to flip the home for profit. Bigly.

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With Trump’s inauguration just around the corner the property is yet again going through an auction via Paramount Realty USA on 17 January. Current estimates show that the house could go under the hammer for as much as USD10 million, The New York Post reported.

The strong showing marks a complete turnaround for the property, which the Kestenberg's had been willing to sell for USD1.25 million before the presidential elections.

The house, which dates back to 1940, has a carved fireplace, sunroom, panelled study, and two-car detached garage.

Taking bets again on how much you think it will go for...

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